Smaato integration guide

This guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to set Smaato live as an ad network on the ironSource Mediation platform.

Before you start Make sure you have correctly integrated ironSource’s banner into your application.

Step 1. Create a Smaato account

To access Smaato ad inventory through ironSource‘s mediation platform, you must create an account with Smaato. You can do so here.

Step 2.Retrieve Your Smaato Account ID’s and Report Keys

Follow these steps to retrieve your Smaato account key’s which need to be inserted into your ironSource Network Setup Module in order for Smaato to work correctly in connection with ironSource:

  1. Publisher ID – In your Smaato account go to  Inventory Publisher id
  2. Client ID and Client Secret – Go to QAuth API Credentials Client ID and Client Secret 

Step 3. Create an application in Smaato Network

Follow these steps to create your Smaato application:

  1. In your Smaato account go to  Inventory New App

Step 4. Activate Smaato Network

Inside the ironSource platform, access the SDK Networks setup to configure Smaato parameters into your ironSource account.

  1. Once you have all the required parameters, log in to your ironSource account and go to Monetize ➣ Setup SDK Networks
  2. Select Smaato from the table of Available Networks , add the parameters, and click on the Activate button. Then click Save.
  3. Select Smaato from the list of ad networks and click Setup.
  4. Enter your app’s Smaato App name and Adspace ID. Set the status to Active and click Save.You’ll see Smaato listed as Active for Mediation on your Setup dashboard.

Step 5. Add the Smaato adapter to your build

Unity Integration Manager (Recommended)

Once you’ve completed SDK integration, you can download Smaato Adapter, using the Unity Integration Manager.

In your Unity Development platform, go to ironSource > Integration Manager

If you already have the latest version of the adapters, the action button will be changed to “Updated”, and will be disabled.

    Android (Manual Resolve)

    To apply your changes, make sure you use the “Resolve” process. This will download all relevant artifacts, according to your choices. For detailed information see instructions here

    Android Plugin Manual Integration

    1. Download the Smaato Adapter  for Android:
      Download Smaato adapter and Smaato SDKs (AAR) from here.
    2. Add the Smaato files to your Unity project:
      Import the files into Assets/Plugins/Android/.
    3. If your application targets Android 9 Pie (API level 28) or higher, complete the Android configuration steps described here.

    iOS Manual Integration

    1. Download the Smaato iOS files:
      Download the adapter and SDK (XCFrameworks) files from here.
    2. Add the Smaato adapter file to your Unity project:
      Import adapter and frameworks file into Assets/Plugins/iOS
    3. Add the SDK to your Xcode project:
      As Unity3D do not support XCFrameworks, please ad the SDK XCFrameworks directly to your Xcode project.