Rewarded Video Manual Integration Unity

In addition to loading ironSource rewarded video ads automatically, you can also set rewarded video ads to load manually. To do this, you must set the entire session loading mode prior to SDK initialization. This is supported from ironSource SDK 7.2.0+ (Beta 7.1.13 for Android).

Step 1. Implement the Rewarded Video Manual Events

The ironSource Unity Plugin fires events to inform you of ad availability. These events will be triggered only upon manual rewarded video implementation. 

Add the following code to register to the events, in addition to the Rewarded Video events described here

// Rewarded Video - manual load events
// Indication that the rewarded video ad was loaded successfully
IronSourceEvents.onRewardedVideoAdReadyEvent += OnRewardedVideoAdReady;
// Indication that the rewarded video ad was not loaded successfully 
IronSourceEvents.onRewardedVideoAdLoadFailedEvent += OnRewardedVideoLoadFailed;

Step 2: Set up rewarded video manual loading

Set the operation mode for rewarded video ads before you initialize the ironSource SDK. This will affect your current session.

IronSource.Agent.setManualLoadRewardedVideo(bool isRewardedVideoManualAPI);

Step 3: Manually load rewarded video ads

Request a rewarded video ad d before you plan on showing it to your users as the loading process can take time. Use the following API to load your ad:



After defining your operation loading mode to Manual, you can complete your Rewarded Video integration, as described here.