iOS privacy settings and configurations

The ironSource SDK aligns with iOS privacy configurations, offering support for SKAdNetwork and Apple’s privacy manifest. Follow this doc to learn more about LevelPlay’s approach and solutions. 

Integrating your app to support Apple’s requirements 

  1. Integrate the ironSource SDK 7.9.0+
  2. Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers
  3. Enable SKAdNetwork attribution
  4. Personalize your app’s message for Apple Tracking Authorization  
  5. Integrate the compliant network SDK and adapter versions

Update your plist with SKAdNetwork identifiers

Update your app’s info.plist with the network IDs of all of the ad networks you work with to allow ads to appear in your app.

ironSource SKAdNetwork identifier: su67r6k2v3.skadnetwork

Use the SKAdNetwork IDs Manager to get an updated list of all your ironSource mediated network IDs.

See Apple’s SKAdNetwork documentation to learn more.

Enable SKAdNetwork attribution in your application

Updating your code to support SKAdNetwork attribution, will allow your app to send attribution information if you decide to advertise it in other apps.

Update your app code to report Apple with registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution or updateConversionValue(_:)

You can read more in Apple’s documentation, under the section called ‘The advertised app’s responsibilities are to’.

Request Tracking Authorization

With iOS 14, Apple introduced a new mechanism for privacy and ad tracking – the App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt

If you want to request user authorization to access app-related data, make sure to include the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription key in your app’s Information Property List (info.plist).

You can  update the <string> </string> section with your personal message to be displayed for your users as part of the ATT prompt. 

<string>Your Personalized Message here </string>

Learn more about Apple’s NSUserTrackingUsageDescription here

Privacy Manifest Support

ironSource SDK 7.9.0+ integrates a Privacy Manifest file, which outlines the APIs utilized by ironSource Ads. To comply with Apple’s new Privacy Manifest framework, it’s essential to include this file in your application.

Required Reasons API

Apple introduced a set of APIs that should be declared in the Privacy Manifest file, together with the relevant reason for their usage. 

Important! We understand there are issues around the detection of privacy manifests of 3rd party SDKs. Apple is currently working on a fix and we are waiting to hear back. Currently, if you would like to avoid these detection issues, please follow the steps below.

You can find here the APIs used by the ironSource SDK and their reasoning. To avoid detection issues you can add them manually to your PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy file or copy the code snippet below and paste it within your PrivacyInfo.xcprivacy file. 

Section API Type Reason
Disk space API NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryDiskSpace E174.1
User defaults APIs NSPrivacyAccessedAPICategoryUserDefaults CA92.1

LevelPlay and mediated networks’ support 

LevelPlay’s network SDK and adapter versions that support the privacy manifest:

Ad Networks iOS SDK iOS Adapter Unity Adapter
Applovin 12.4.1 4.3.44 4.3.48
APS 4.9.2 4.3.12 4.3.9
BidMachine 2.6.0 4.3.7 4.3.7
Chartboost 9.6.0 4.3.17 4.3.21
Digital Turbine 8.2.7 4.3.33 4.3.41
Google AdMob and Ad Manager 11.2.0 4.3.53 4.3.60
HyprMX 4.3.5 4.3.7
InMobi 10.7.1 4.3.22 4.3.27
Liftoff Monetize 7.3.1


Meta  6.15.0 4.3.44 4.3.62
Mintegral 7.6.1 4.3.23 4.3.25
MyTarget 5.21.2 4.1.21 4.1.23
Pangle 4.3.27 4.3.31
Smaato  22.8.3 4.3.13 4.3.13
SuperAwesome 9.3.3 4.1.10 4.1.11
Unity Ads 4.10.0 4.3.37 4.3.42
Note: The network’s SDK manifest support is based on network’s reporting