Frequently Made Mistakes

Review Ahead of Ad Unit Activation | Checklist

 Skipping the Integration Helper & Test Module
ironSource provides two different tools to verify your SDK, ad unit and adapter integrations:

  • The Integration Helper is a simple line of code you can call to verify the successful integration of the ironSource SDK and any additional ad network adapters
  •  The Integration Testing Module on the ironSource Dashboard allows you to test your integration with the ironSource network and mediation ad networks by serving test ads to any test device you add to your account.

Neglecting to Pass a Unique UserID
If you’re serving the Offerwall ad unit or server-to-server callbacks to reward your users (both for Rewarded Video and Offerwall, you must set the UserID before you init.

Disregarding Your appKey
Your appKey is the unique identifier of your app in the ironSource system. You can easily retrieve the appKeys for all your added apps under Apps on the ironSource platform.

 Omitting the Placement Name
If using placements, make sure to add the correct placement name in the Show method of the ad unit you are serving. You can check the placement names you defined on the Ad Unit page on the ironSource platform.

Failing to Switch to Live
Make sure you’ve activated all ad units by switching the ad unit toggle to live on the ironSource platform

Forgetting to Activate Your Mediation Ad Network
If serving ads through mediation, you’ll need to activate the ad unit on the ad network’s dashboard in addition to activating the ad network in question on the Mediation Setup page on the ironSource platform.