Android SDK Integration

Integrate the Android SDK | Checklist

✔ Add Your App
Log in to the LevelPlay platform and add your app (If your app isn’t live yet, make sure to scrape your app after the final submission to the app marketplace!)

Set Up Ad Units
Define your ad units and placements on the Ad Units page. Set the item name and reward amount for rewarded ad units like Rewarded Video and Offerwall.

 Add the SDK to Your Project
Add the ironSource SDK to your project through Gradle or Manual Download

✔ Update AndroidManifest.xml
Add the necessary permissions and activities to your AndroidManifest

 Integrate Google Play Services
Make sure you’ve implemented the latest Google Play Services version

✔  Override the Activity Lifecycle Method
Override the onPause(), onResume() methods in each of your activities

✔ Set the Listeners
Register to the Listeners of the ad units you set up earlier on the LevelPlay platform

✔ Set UserID
If serving the Offerwall ad unit or using server-to-server callbacks to reward your users (for Rewarded Video or Offerwall), you must set the UserID. In addition, the userID parameter must be set before you make the init request.

✔ Init the SDK
Initialize the SDK using the app key generated on the LevelPlay platform. We recommend referring to the ad units you set up earlier in the ad unit parameter like this IronSource.init(this, appKey, YOUR_AD_UNITS);

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