Integrating your network as a custom adapter

This step-by-step guide shows you how to add your network to Unity LevelPlay mediation using custom adapters.

Step 1: Register your network

Easily register your network with Unity LevelPlay mediation.
Learn more about the submission process and requirements here.

Once you submit the form, you’ll receive an email confirming that your network is approved. Make sure you save the email, as it provides information that you’ll need to build your adapters.

Step 2: Build custom adapters for your network

After completing your registration, you can build your network adapters. Follow the custom adapters guides for Android, iOS and Unity.

Step 3: Test your integration

Once you finish developing your adapters, we recommend testing them. This will allow you to verify that your network’s ads are displayed correctly through LevelPlay mediation, and that the right information is sent to your network’s SDK.

Learn how to test your network’s configuration here.


Once your network’s adapters are ready and have been tested, you can share your network key with publishers including full integration documentation for iOS, android and Unity.