How to test your network’s adapter

This guide will assist you in verifying your custom adapters readiness to use by publishers.

Step 1: Setup a new test app

First, to test your network under Unity LevelPlay mediation, create an ironSource account.

Then, create a new app in your account.

Add your network and configure all ad units that you wish to support as part of Unity LevelPlay mediation. Learn how to do it here.

To enable your account for custom adapters please contact us.

Step 2: Build your ironSource demo app

In this step you will use the ironSource demo app to test your adapter integration, using the app key you defined in step 1.

  1. Download ironSource demo app from here.
  2. Update the ironSource appkey, as the demo app you created in step 1.
    Android (JAVA): change the APP_KEY value in the class
    IOS (Objective C): change the APPKEY value in the class ViewController.m
  3. Integrate your network’s adapter into the demo app project. Make sure to define all your network dependencies.It should include all setup including Manifest, Plist and bundle requirements.

Step 3: Test your network configuration

Once completing your demo app integration, you can start your testing!

  • Test your ads are being served using the demo app
  • Verify your network performance metrics are represented accurately, using ironSource’s platform reports

Test your ads

  1. Run the demo app
  2. Click on the desired ad unit to load
  3. When relevant show indication turns active, click it to see the impression
  4. Check logs with ‘DemoActivity’ to see the callbacks from the mediation

Android logs example for interstitial:

Date/com.ironsource.ironsourcesdkdemo D/DemoActivity: onInterstitialAdReady
Date/com.ironsource.ironsourcesdkdemo D/DemoActivity: onInterstitialAdOpened
Date/com.ironsource.ironsourcesdkdemo D/DemoActivity: onInterstitialAdClosed

iOS logs example for interstitial:

Date/ IronSourceDemoApp[636:277457] -[ViewController interstitialDidLoad]
Date/ IronSourceDemoApp[636:277457] -[ViewController interstitialDidOpen]
Date/ IronSourceDemoApp[636:277457] -[ViewController interstitialDidShow]
Date/ IronSourceDemoApp[636:277457] -[ViewController interstitialDidClose]

Test your network performance

  1. Log into the ironSource platform 
  2. Go to Performance reports
  3. Change breakdown to “Break by Ad Source” to view the network’s performance

Note: Data will be reflected on the ironSource platform within 4 hours.