Ad Quality Raw Data API

The Ad Quality Raw Data API enables you to pull impression-level data from Ad Quality to use on your internal BI platform.

Note: For access to the Raw Data API, contact your account manager. 

How to use the API

  • Pulling the Ad Quality raw data is done in 2 steps:
    1. Make an API request which returns a URL link to download the report
    2. Download the report by clicking on the provided link
  • Each API call must be made for each individual app and  a single date
  • The data for each date is stored and available for 14 days
    • Example: Data for January 1st will be available until January 14th
  • Data for any given date will only be available the following day from 08:00 AM UTC. Make sure to only call the API after this time
    • Example: The data for January 1st is only available on January 2nd, after 08:00 AM UTC
  • Data will continue to be updated for a period of 2 days after they become available. After that, they will not change.
    • Example: The data for January 1st will update on January 2nd and January 3rd. After January 3rd, the data will not change
  • Date & App Key aren’t included in the report as they are unique per report (file)

API request for report URL

Note: A valid API hit returns a link to the requested file. The file will be available to download for one hour only.

Authentication Type

Bearer API authentication



Required Parameters 

Name Type Description
date String YYYY-MM-DD (UTC Timezone)
appKey String Application Key (as seen on our platform)

Request Example URL

request GET ''

Response Example URL

   "urls": [
   "expiration": "2022-07-07 18:47:49"

Fields Definition

This table displays the fields that will show in the reports once you pull the Ad Quality raw data. For each you can see a description and an example of what it will contain. 

Simply click the URL that was pulled via the steps above to download the report.

Field Description Example
event_timestamp Bigint 1657500000000
user_id String 1834b456-b9ea-4811-a121-9afc165c1eb0
ad_unit String Interstitial
ad_source The Network name that serves the ad Google AdMob
dsp The dsp name in case there is Liftoff
instance_name the network instance name
Country 2 letter country code, as per ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2. US
us_state state code which impression happened OR
device_model Bigint SM-A127M
os_version String 12
sdk_version String 5.17.0
app_version String 2.8.9
advertiser advertiser name Project Makeover
advertiser_type package_name
click Boolean 1
click_type String, Did we see a UX pattern that relates to this click (qClick, proximity_click, auto_click, early_click,hasty_click, other) auto_click,proximity_click
click_ts Bigint 1657450000000
video_completed Boolean 1
video_completed_ts Bigint 1657450000000
Revenue The Revenue generated by the user (USD).  0.5
category app category of the advertiser from the app store Casual
content_rating The rate on the US Apple/google app store {“US”:”Everyone”}
creative_type playable / video/ image playable
creative_id String 6c3d78bfe7c74d805c01b13b44e6e1ecff16544c
appstore_url (current field name is ‘url’) String
video_urls Array of String [“”]
end_card_urls Array of String [“”]
icon_urls String [“”]
image_urls Array of String
Advertiser_id String com.bgg.jump
imp_num Impression number in the sequence of a user. For banners and native the value is ‘-1’ 3
ad_closed Boolean 0
ad_closed_ts Bigint 1657450000000
Developer String Supersonic
ad_source_sdk_version String 5.17.0