Placements best practices

Ad placements in your app increase users’ engagement, improve overall retention, and give users another way to pay or progress.
Use the Placements tool in ironSource platform to enrich your in-app placements with granular data.

Defining and adjusting placements in the ironSource platform is easy and transparent.

These are the best practices for using placements:

1. Define a unique placement for every traffic driver
A unique placement for each traffic driver allows you to monitor and fine tune the placement independently from other placements. Make sure each placement name is clear and understandable.

2. Monitor the engagement
As you optimize, closely monitor the engagement rate, impressions per DEU, and per DAU for each placement. Download the comparison reports on all your placements and analyze and compare their KPIs.

3. Check the eCPM and revenue per placement
Break down the revenue and eCPM per placement to you understand the efficiency of every placement. You can use this knowledge for further tests and optimization.

4. Test the rewards per placement in real time
Understand the efficacy of the size of your rewards by changing and testing the rewards in real time.

5. Set different capping and pacing in real time
To avoid cannibalizing your app economy with ads, set capping and pacing per placement. If you’re not sure which ads would be the best fit, test them immediately to find out what works specifically for your app.

6. Segment your users
See how different users in different segment groups react to different rewards, capping, and pacing, and adjust your monetization accordingly. The ironSource segments tool helps you easily segment by paying/non-paying, whales/dolphins, geo, session length… whatever is suitable for your app. You can even set different waterfalls for different segments.

When you understand and constantly monitor your placements, you’re helping to ensure healthy app monetization. Test everything, and remember – if something doesn’t work you can improve it; if something works, you can make it work even better.