Instance rate

Rate is a price you assign to an instance to make sure it delivers in the order you want in your waterfall. The rate should be set equal to the instance’s intended eCPM; but the rate does not define the eCPM.

Instance rates can be set for a number of reasons. Here are 3 recommended use cases:

  1. Set a rate when you create a brand new instance for any ad source. Since new instances have no historical data and no eCPM, you should set a rate on the instance until the actual eCPM is populated.
  2. Set a rate when you need to update the intended eCPM of any ad source instance. Since it takes 1-2 days for the updated eCPM to populate, a rate will ensure the new price applies immediately.
  3. Set a rate when you notice that another network has consistent data delays that make their eCPM appear incorrect in the ironSource Platform.

Rate behaves as an eCPM override

When you set a rate, the instance will be sorted based on the rate you’ve assigned, instead of the eCPM. If you have bidding active, the winning bid will be sorted in the waterfall according to the eCPM OR the rate of the other instances in the waterfall. 

Rates are overridden, according to hierarchy

Rates can be assigned on the instance, group, and country level and will behave according to hierarchy. This means that rates on the country level will override rates on the group level, and rates on the group level will override rates on the instance level.  Your waterfall will deliver according to the rates you’ve set on the instance, group and country level.

How fast does Sort by CPM change when a rate is updated?  


Rates should be temporary  

Rates should only be used temporarily, until the ironSource platform has enough data to accurately calculate the intended eCPM of the instance.  

This is especially important when the instance has a Price Floor or Rev Share.  The rate should be used when the instance is first created (or the floor is changed) to more accurately position the instance in the waterfall. Deactivate the rate when you see that the eCPM is calculated to the intended amount.  

How to set instance rates

In this video, you’ll learn how to use instance rates to prioritize ad source instances in your waterfall.