What is Unity LevelPlay

Unity LevelPlay is a monetization solution that lets app developers manage and optimize multiple ad networks with just one SDK. Unity LevelPlay gives multiple ad networks access to an app’s advertising inventory, creating an arena in which the networks must compete for their ad to be served. Higher competition among ad networks means competitive eCPMs and more ad revenue for app developers.

How does mediation work?

Traditionally, ad mediation platforms use a waterfall approach to optimize ad networks, by prioritizing and ordering ad networks that will yield the highest CPM for every ad impression. When an app developer requests an ad to fill, the ad network with the highest eCPM is called until it has no more ads to serve. Then, the mediation moves on to the next network with the highest eCPM until it has no more ads to serve, and so on.

More recently, mediation platforms have shifted to adopt in-app bidding, which offers app developers the opportunity to achieve maximum value for each impression through an auction, in which ad sources bid for impressions in real-time. Learn more about ironSource’s in-app bidding solution here.

Easy integration

The ironSource SDK grants developers access to ad inventory from leading ad networks. Unity LevelPlay provides one easy solution to maximize your video, interstitial, and banner inventory on a global scale. With one SDK, you can access premium ad inventory from leading ad networks to maximize ad performance and revenue.

Once you’ve integrated the ironSource SDK and downloaded the adaptors of the ad networks you want LevelPlay to mediate, follow the Ad Networks Set Up guide to set up relevant networks on your ironSource dashboard.

Optimized performance

Once you’ve integrated all the ad networks in your app and on your ironSource dashboard, you can manage your selected mediation ad networks to optimize your ad performance.

The Unity LevelPlay platform includes an auto optimization algorithm that utilizes real-time trends to estimate and compare the eCPM performance of the mediated ad networks. This algorithm identifies the ad networks’ with the highest eCPM so you can serve top performing ad campaigns in your applications. Unity LevelPlay also supports manual priority for developers with flat-rate eCPM agreements with ad networks.

Learn how to manage your mediation networks efficiently.

Comprehensive reports

Unity LevelPlay reports provide valuable data on your ad revenue as well as deep insights into your users’ interaction with the ads you serve. With a range of breakdowns and filters, the reporting module provides full transparency and control over your mediation performance.