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Here are how-to guides and best practices to help you monetize and optimize your ad strategy. Learn how to build a hybrid waterfall, A/B test, and increase installs, so you can grow your app business with Unity LevelPlay.

Activate in-app bidding
Use all of the available bidding networks to get the highest
price possible for your inventory.
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Customize your hybrid waterfalls
Create mediation groups and add instance rates for
non-bidding networks.
Watch tutorial | Learn more | Automate setup via CSV

A/B test your monetization setup
Test any element of your monetization strategy in just a few clicks.
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Track performance with real time pivot
Get live monetization data you can slice and dice with unmatched flexibility.
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Leverage the ROAS optimizer
Hit your ROAS targets and scale profitably while saving manual operation time.
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Launch hit games with marketability testing
Predict your games potential to scale, so you know which titles to invest in and publish.
Learn more or talk to your account manager to get started.

Run cross promotion campaigns
Acquire users with cross promotion which competes for impressions like your own personal bidding network.
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Review ad content with Ad Quality
Take control of the ads your users see, so you can build the best app experience.
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Monitor KPIs with LevelPlay reports
Gain accurate insights on your performance and revenue and apply granular breakdowns.
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Build user segments
Build any custom segment you want and create custom ad strategies that update in real time.
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Monetize any network as a custom adapter
Serve ads from any network out there.
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Get impression level revenue
Know the true value of each user by accessing impression
level revenue through your choice of data delivery options.
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