Troubleshooting: API Failed error in SDK Networks Setup

As part of the ad network setup process, once you’ve entered an ad network’s credentials in the SDK Networks Setup page, ironSource sends a request to the network’s reporting API endpoint. This step verifies that the selected ad network has been correctly set up. If an error message is returned,  you’ll see an API Failed error.

API Failed error message

If you see the API Failed error message, take the following steps:

  1. Check that the ad network account settings are correctly configured and exactly match your network account.
  2. Make sure the application ad network is set up correctly. The credentials must exactly match the network account. 

You can find both the account and application ad network credentials by clicking the Need help finding the settings? button in the App Settings pop-up.

Need help finding the settings?


“API Failed” does not necessarily mean that your app will not deliver ads from the ad network.

In most cases, you will receive ad inventory; but revenue from the ad network will not be visible on ironSource’s platform (revenue will appear in the ad network’s platform) until the credentials are added correctly.

Still seeing the API Failed error? Get in touch with your account manager or contact us.