Ad Quality best practices

Ad Quality enables you to optimize your user experience and preserve brand integrity

by detecting and monitoring unwanted content. Best practices for Ad Quality are broken down into 3 main objectives:

  • Content compliance – Set, monitor, and track ad content rules
  • UX – Ensure ads don’t harm retention or user experience
  • Challenging your blocklist – Unblock advertisers while monitoring revenue and churn

Ensure content compliance 

Follow these best practices to prevent inappropriate creatives from showing in your app.

  1. Create the following rules as a base on the Manage rules page:
Rule name Triggers
Content Rating  (Urgent) Content Rating: Adults only 18+, Mature 17+, Teen
Content Rating  (Minor) Content rating: 9+, 10+
Financial (trading/crypto)

Title: Dogecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Trading, Bitcoin, Crypto

Website: Crypto, Bitcoin

Adult (Sex/porn/nudity)

Title: Sex, Love

Website: Sex, Porn

Alcohol Title: Wine, Alcohol, Booze
Cash apps Title: Cash, Auction

Title: Date, Dating

Category: Dating


Title: Casino, Slots, Betting, Sportsbook, Roulette, Blackjack, Lottery, Poker, Bingo

Category: Casino

Drugs Title: Cannabis, Weed, Drugs
Violence Title: Conquest, Smash, Destruction, Defence, Army, Dead, Horror, Gangster, Survival, Squad, Death, Hunting, Prison, Bullet, Mayhem, Conflict, Dungeon, Knife, Vampire, Zombie, Sniper, Mafia, Battle
Scam Title: Keto, Ketogenic

2.  On a daily basis, check the trends graph on the Notifications page for spikes. If you see a significant rise in violations, investigate what’s causing it, and reach out to networks to discuss how to minimize the violations.  

Ensure a positive user experience

Creatives with bad UX patterns can harm your user experience, ultimately causing a rise in user complaints and churn. To help improve retention and protect your user experience, follow these best practices:  

  1. Every week, go to the Creatives and Analysis pages and filter creatives by bad UX patterns. Then break down the data to see which advertiser or developer is supplying the ads and prevent them from reshowing. 
  2. If a user reports that they saw a problematic ad in your app, use the User Journey page to find the creative and report it to the relevant ad source.


Challenge your block list 

Ad Quality is the perfect tool to safely test unblocking advertisers from your block list to access untapped revenue opportunities.

Unblock 1 advertiser at a time from your blocklist and allow them to run ads in your app for a minimum period of 14 days. Then use the Analysis page to monitor changes in revenue and churn rate. If the churn rate is stable, keep that advertiser off your blocklist. 

General best practice

Upgrade to the latest Ad Quality SDK version to ensure accurate reporting.