Ad Quality best practices

Use this guide to help you optimize your monetization and protect your brand. Get started by choosing the focus that is of most concern for your app business:

  • Content – Set, monitor and track ad content rules
  • UX – Ensure your ads don’t harm retention or user experience

 Content Focus 


  • Ensure networks comply with the ad content rules you set


  • Decrease user complaints
  • Improve complaint response time
  • Decrease violated rules

One-time setup

Create rules with impression thresholds for all problematic topics.

We recommend adding:

Rule name Triggers
Content Rating  (Urgent) Content Rating – Adults only 18+, Mature 17+, Teen
Content Rating  (Minor) Content Rating – 9+, 10+
Financial (trading/crypto)

title: dogecoin, ripple, ethereum, trading, bitcoin, crypto

website: crypto, bitcoin

Adult (Sex/porn/nudity)

title: sex, love

website: sex, porn

Alcohol title: wine, alcohol, booze
Cash apps title: cash, auction

title: date, dating

category: dating


title: casino, slots, betting, sportsbook, roulette, blackjack, lottery, wsop, poker, bingo

category: casino

Drugs title: cannabis, weed
Violence title: conquest, pubg, smash, destruction, defence, army, dead, horror, gangster, survival, squad, death, hunting, prison, bullet, mayhem, conflict, dungeon, knife, vampire, zombie, sniper, mafia, battle
Scam title: keto, ketogenic

Daily action items 

  1. Check the Notification page for any new alerts. If you find something new, click through to review the ad and decide if you need to report it to the network.
  2. Scan thumbnails on the Creatives page to check for inappropriate content.

UX Focus


  • Ensure your ads don’t harm retention or the user experience 


  • Decrease user complaints

Weekly action items 

  1.  On the Creatives screen, filter for the UX pattern High CTR, and a minimum of 100 impressions. Sort by impressions and expand each creative in order.
  2. For each creative, look at the UX patterns and click through to see more details.
  3. Look for repeat problems. If you notice a pattern of proximity clicks, then filter proximity clicks to further investigate which network or advertiser they’re coming from most.
  4. Reach out to the networks that are triggering the most UX pattern issues and let them know you don’t want it showing in your app.