Ad Quality glossary

Note: To give you a more accurate representation of your users’ experience, Ad Quality does not use filters to collate click metrics. This may result in a slight difference in the data you see from Ad Quality and data reports from other ad source platforms.

Term/Metric  Description
Proximity clicks Where the user clicked on the corner of the screen and a click-through was recorded instead
Ad duration The median time users viewed the ad and end card before closing it
Auto clicks Number of clicks that were detected without the user touching the screen
Bounce rate Percentage of clicks directed out of the app that returned in less than 5 seconds. Calculated as hasty clicks ÷  total clicks
Early clicks Number of clicks that were recorded within the first second of seeing this creative
CTR A ratio showing how often the people who saw your ad clicked on it (Calculated as clicks/impressions)
Churn rate Total churned users / total number of users that saw ads 8 days ago
Churn yield  How much revenue you earned from each churned user. Calculated as revenue generated by the creative ÷ churned users 
Churned users Total number of users that clicked on an ad and didn’t open the app for 7 days
Hasty clicks The total number of users that returned to the app within 5 seconds of clicking the ad
QCTR The ratio of quality clicks to all impressions of the creative
Quality clicks (QClicks) Number of clicks due to intentional behavior. Calculated as total clicks – (hasty clicks + proximity clicks + auto clicks + early clicks)
Completed views Number of users that watch the entire ad, including the end card
Ad closed The total number of ads that were closed in an app