What is impression level revenue

Impression level revenue (ILR) accurately calculates ad revenue generated by an ad unit.

ironSource’s impression level revenue solution

ironSource’s ILR solution determines ad revenue on both the device and impression level, from any ad unit, across every ad network on Unity LevelPlay – while partnering with the leading attribution companies to show you your best performing marketing channels.

Seeing the real value of each impression and which channel that impression came from can provide you with entirely new insights for both user acquisition and monetization strategies.

The benefits of impression level revenue

Get insight from monetization data

With access to impression-level data, you can get better insight into how your users engage with ads – ultimately helping monetization managers and product managers understand the effectiveness of ad implementations, namely frequency caps, diminishing returns on ads, and eCPM decay.

Acquire users from the right channels

UA managers can identify the campaign source (Google, Meta Audience Network, and other ad networks) that provides users who drive the most ROI in terms of both IAP revenue and ad revenue.

Attribution platforms

ILR can be seen on leading attribution dashboards, including AppsFlyer, Adjust, Singular, Tenjin, and Kochava.

Impression Level Revenue SDK API

Get ILR SDK postbacks in real time.

Impression Level Revenue Server-Side API

Access offline files which include ILR data up to 14 days back with this API.