Cross promotion monetization best practices

The cross promotion bidder performs just like any other bidding network: it sees every request, places a bid, and is placed in the correct position in the waterfall. 

To get the best results for cross promotion monetization, follow these best practices:

  • Activate cross promotion for your apps with more than 10,000 daily active users (DAU), and more than 20,000 daily impressions per ad unit
  • Add the cross promotion bidder to all apps, ad units and groups. This will allow your cross promotion demand to deliver on all geos
  • Use the Sort by CPM waterfall tier type to ensure the non-bidding instances are sorted in descending order, according to eCPM
  • Use multiple bidding networks in your monetization strategy. When more than one bidder participates in the auction, performance is expected to be stronger. Add all of the available bidders wherever possible.

The performance of the cross promotion bidder depends on the volume and bids of your cross promotion campaigns. Read this article to learn about best practices for cross promotion user acquisition.