Cross promotion best practices for UA

To get the best results for cross promotion user acquisition, treat your cross promo activity just like any other UA activity. Here are a few best practices to follow: 

  • Promote as many bundles as possible on your own apps. Having very limited demand might harm the cross promotion activity and limit its scale. To push for optimal performance, it is recommended to target your own apps on all of your campaigns. 
  • Use your default bid to start cross promotion. If this is your first time running cross promotion campaigns, start with your default bid, and adjust it according to quality.
  • Once the campaigns have matured, use our ROAS optimizer to optimize your cross promotion bids
  • For testing dedicated cross promotion creatives or assigning different budgets for this activity, consider separating cross promotion and non-cross promotion campaigns. 
  • Constantly test your cross promotion creatives to find the ones that engage the users and get them to install your own apps. For more details about creatives go here.