Creative sets

A creative represents the user’s experience from impression to click. Once a creative is created, it’s available for use between your different campaigns.

Performance reporting on the creative level is available either through our Reporting API or the Analysis page in the UA platform.

Creative types

There are five supported creative types:

  1. ‘Video & Carousel’ – a video followed by a carousel end card
  2. ‘Video & Full Screen’ – a video followed by a full screen end card
  3. ‘Video & Interactive End Card’ – a video followed by an interactive end card
  4. ‘Playable’ – a standalone playable ad
  5. ‘Interactive Video’ – a standalone  Interactive Video ad

Prior to creating a creative set for playables, interactive videos and interactive end cards, the assets will need to be uploaded to the platform by your account manager. Once uploaded, interactive end cards are available to pair with a video to create a creative. Playables and interactive videos are uploaded as a complete creative for your use.

Creating a Creative

Select ‘Create New’ in the Campaign Generator, and the ‘Create Creative’ window will open.
The modal is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Configuration
    • Title name – the title which the campaign and uploaded assets belong to.
    • Name – the Creative name. This is the only field that can be changed for an existing Creative.
    • Type – ‘Video & Carousel’, ‘Video & Full Screen, or ‘Video & Interactive End card’. each type has slightly different asset requirements.
    • Language – The language of your Creative. Creatives are delivered based on a user’s device language. English Creatives are always AB tested against device specific Creative.
    • Save – The creative is created upon saving. You can create a Creative independently from generating a new campaign. 
  2. Required Assets
    • Relevant assets will appear once a Creative type is selected.
      • ‘Video & Carousel’ – all placeholders are required
      • ‘Video & Full Screen’ – all placeholders are required, with the exception of the Tablet images.  If excluded, the phone images will be resized accordingly.
      • ‘Video & Interactive End card‘ – all placeholders are required. Previously uploaded Interactive End Cards will be available in your media library.  
    • Once all assets are chosen, by selecting ‘View full experience’ you can preview the Creative.
  3. Media Library
    • Upload
      • You can upload multiple videos and images at once by either Drag&Drop or clicking the “Upload” button.
      • Only assets that will follow the media requirements (see tooltip) will be uploaded.
      • You can only upload assets to the title of the campaign.
    • Title switcher
      • Allows you to use assets you’ve previously uploaded to any of your other titles. This is beneficial when utilizing the same assets for both Android and iOS.
    • Assets review
      • All assets that are uploaded will be pending approval.
      • You can use unapproved assets for creating new Creatives and attach them to a campaign. 
      • Any Creative with unapproved assets will not be live.
      • Once the assets are approved, the Creative with the newly approved assets will be live.

Media Requirements

  • Carousel images
    • File format: png, jpg, jpeg, gif
    • Max file size: 2MB
    • Min dimension: 320px
    • Max dimension: 3,840px
    • Ratio: Anything from 1:2 to 2:1
  • Full-screen images
    • The requirements are the same as the carousel images, with the exception of the image ratios
    • Note that the tablet images are optional. If excluded, the phone images will be resized accordingly
    • Phone Portrait – requires a ratio of 9:16
    • Phone Landscape – requires a ratio of 16:9
    • Tablet Portrait – requires a ratio of 3:4
    • Tablet Landscape – requires a ratio of 4:3
  • Video
    • File format: mp4
    • Max file size: 100MB
    • Max duration: 60 sec (note that videos more than 30 sec will have limited traffic)
    • Ratio: Anything from 1:2 to 2:1