This guide will help you configure ironSource as an integrated partner with Singular.

Setting up ironSource

  1. Log into your Singular account
  2. From the left-side menu, click Attribution > Partner Configuration
  3. Search for ironSource and select it from the list

Singular Partner Configuration settings

  1. In the Configuration window, select the app and platform (site) you would like to configure
  2. In the app-level configuration section, make sure to:
    • Enable View-through Tracking
    • Enable Fraud Postbacks
    • Enable Send postbacks to ironSource on all installs (for suppression purposes)
    • Enter your ironSource advertiser ID and password
    • Set the Click-through attribution lookback window to 7 days

ironSource Configuration in Kochava

Setting up event postbacks

  1. Set the Send in-app Events to ironSource to All (for suppression purposes, you can also configure these settings separately for each event)
  2. Choose the events you’d like to send to ironSource:
    • In-app (SDK) event name – The name of the event as it is sent from your app through the Singular SDK integration
    • Event Name – The event name or ID recognized by ironSource
    • Set the Lookback to None
    • For inAppPurchase events, make sure to check the Send revenue box

Kochava Install Postbacks settings