MRAID requirements

MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions) is the industry standard protocol API for mobile rich media ads running in mobile apps. MRAID is injected by the ironSource Ads webview, so you can use MRAID methods detailed in the guidelines. To learn more, review the IAB’s documentation for detailed information on MRAID 3.0 methods, best practices, and standards. ironSource Ads also supports MRAID 2.0 protocol.

Ad specifications for ironSource Ads

  • Avoid accessing the top window object (it may cause an error) All URLs within the creative should be secured
    • Correct: HTTPS://
    • Wrong: HTTP://
  • Creatives should be contained in a single HTML index file, with no links to other files or folders
  • Ads are required to wait for the MRAID ready, stateChange events before starting playable content
  • To redirect a user on click, methods or mraid.openStoreURL() should be used