MRAID specifications and guidelines

ironSource supports the MRAID 2.0 Protocol.

Ad specifications for ironSource

  • All assets + code downloaded to the device must be up to 4MB max.
  • Ads should support both landscape and portrait orientations (recommended).
  • The ad must include a loading screen while the ad is loading.
  • No 3rd party real time blocking pixels allowed (IAS, DV, etc).
  • ironSource will render the timer and the close button. Do not add your own.
  • Do not access the top window object (will cause an error).
  • The creative needs to autoplay (no user interaction needed).
  • All URLs within the ad must be secured (Correct: HTTPS:// Wrong: HTTP://).

MRAID tag specifications for ironSource

  • To redirect a user on click, use
  • In order to get the size of the ad, you must use mraid.getMaxSize().
    Do not get the size from anywhere else.
  • MRAID tag should not be full HTML document but snippets of raw HTML (or JS) code, For example:

Full HTML document: (incorrect):

HTML snippet/fragment: (correct):

  • All references to external assets must be absolute URLs instead of relative URLs and HTTPS instead of HTTP, for example:

Relative URL: (incorrect)

Absolute URL, using HTTPS: (correct)

  • Tag must not include single-line HTML comments, for example:

// HTML comment: (incorrect)

<!–  –> HTML comment: (correct)