ROAS optimizer best practices

ironSource’s ROAS optimizer helps you scale quickly and profitably by automating the management of all your user acquisition campaigns.

Here are 3 tips to make the ROAS optimizer work for you:

  1. Maximize profits, not margins
    Set a lower margin per user so you can bid on higher CPIs and position your app towards the top of the waterfall in the ad network. This will decrease the profit per user; but  you’ll see an increase in your TOTAL profit due to the increase in scale of users.
  2. Factor in organic uplift on top of LTV
    If your ARPU curve only measures users bought through UA activity, you could be missing a significant chunk of user revenue in your calculation. Work out your organic uplift and add it to your ARPU curve to optimize towards a ROAS goal based on a holistic data set.
  3. Update your ROAS goal every other week
    For ad based games, internal changes like app features, monetizing with new ad units, and app versions impact LTV.  So do external factors like competition, seasonality, special events and holidays. To account for these factors, calculate your app’s ARPU curve and LTV bi-weekly, then update your ROAS goal accordingly.
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