Campaign APIs overview

The ironSource Ads Campaign API suite consists of comprehensive APIs that are designed to simplify and enhance your advertising operations. It allows you to manage your campaigns and apps dynamically, allocate your budget efficiently, and manage your creatives seamlessly using reliable API endpoints.

 With the ironSource Campaign APIs, you can:

  • Create and update new campaigns
  • Set daily and total budgets
  • Create country groups, set optimizer goals and bids per country
  • Add and replace creatives from the campaign


Titles API

Use the Titles API to retrieve a list of all of your titles on the ironSource Ads platform that are connected to your account. The response will include the ID, bundle ID, OS, and name.

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Campaign API 

Manage your ironSource UA campaigns: get a list of your campaigns, create a new campaign, get campaign activation status, and update campaign basic targeting.

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Country Group (Budget) API

The Country Group API allows you to configure your campaign country groups, set their budget, target different countries within each country group, and set bid and optimizer goals for each country.

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Assets API

Use the Assets API to manage and retrieve a list of your user acquisition assets. 

  • Get a list of your assets that include ID, title ID, type, orientation, source, and duration
  • Upload and create a new asset for a specific title 
  • Upload and create an HTML asset file 

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Creatives API

Manage your creatives and retrieve a list of creatives you’ve uploaded to the ironSource Ads platform. 

  • Get a list of your creatives per title or campaign
  • Create a new creative
  • Assign or unassign creatives for a campaign

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Bidding API v4

The Bidding API enables you to manage campaign bids as well as bids for specific countries and applications. Each request gets or updates bids for a single campaign. A single campaign can support up to 350,000 bids.

  • Apply the default campaign bid and a list of bids per country and application for a single campaign
  • Delete a list of bids per country or per country-application

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Audience API

The Audience API enables you to include or exclude specific users in your user acquisition campaign, based on lists of device IDs you supply.

The ironSource Audience API supports two kinds of audience lists: suppression and targeting.

The API consists of 5 requests:

Metadata of audience:

  1. Show – get the details of all existing audiences
  2. Create – build a new audience
  3. Delete – delete an existing audience

Device ID updates

4. Add Audience – Add device list to an existing audience

5. Remove Audience – Remove a device list from an existing audience

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