What is attribution

Mobile attribution is used to measure marketing performance of mobile applications. Attribution is the process where all marketing engagements such as ad impressions, clicks and installs are measured and how credit is given to media channels for driving those engagements, usually by an unbiased third party called an attribution provider or mobile measurement partner (MMP). 

For an app install to be attributed to the correct ad engagement and media source, ad engagements must be reported accurately by the ad sources to the advertiser or MMP.

In the following articles you will find in-depth guidance on how to configure ironSource Network within different MMPs.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up network attribution and supported API integrations with MMPs
  • Configure postbacks
  • Share in-app events and revenue with ironSource

Follow these guidelines to avoid data loss and optimize your performance.

Attribution partners

ironSource works with the leading attribution companies in the market:

  • Adjust
  • AppsFlyer
  • Branch
  • Kochava
  • Singular
  • Tenjin