Interactive end card

What is an interactive end card

An interactive end card (IEC) is a creative that appears after a video ad, and encourages users to try out your app. An IEC should supplement the video it’s paired with, and give users a firsthand feel for what it’s like to use your app by showing additional features or gameplay.

For example, if your video showcases a storyline in your app, the IEC can go a step further and let users customize a character. You could also let users try out the gameplay shown in the video to encourage them to download your app.

Technical guidelines

  • The HTML file for your interactive end card must be 5MB or less
  • Users must interact with an IEC at least once before being sent to the app store
  • Users must interact with an IEC for at least 7 seconds to be redirected to the app store

Best practices

We recommend A/B testing all creatives, including IECs. When testing creatives, test more significant variables in the user experience first to see if they make an impact, before testing smaller factors.

For example, having users play level 1 in your IEC compared to level 2 creates a bigger contrast in the user experience, and will likely lead to a more significant difference in performance.

In your next phase of testing, you can compare the results of changing more detailed elements, like characters, colors, and text for more incremental improvements to your KPIs.

Learn more about A/B testing as part of your creative strategy here and check out all the creative types supported by ironSource here.