How to use the Campaign Management page

    The Campaign Management page gives you a detailed view of your campaigns’ performance. Tailor the columns to show the exact metrics you want, so you can run data-driven UA campaigns.

    Bid and daily budget

    Adjust your bids and budgets by hovering and clicking the pencil icon. Bids can also be adjusted using the CSV bid manager or the Bidding API. You can set bids with up to 3 decimal digits of precision.

    If your campaign is running with the ironSource ROAS optimizer, you’ll see your bid for that campaign listed as Optimized. To view your average payout per install, hover over the tooltip.

    Optimized bid

    If you don’t set bids by country, this campaign will run on the default bid you set in the New Campaign Generator.

    Campaign delivery

    Click the toggle on the left to change a campaign from inactive to live, or from live to inactive. 

    Use the arrow to view the creatives in each campaign, whether they’ve been approved and their individual performance for each metric at the top.

    Toggle functionality on Campaign Management page

    You can also review how your creatives look on phone and tablet by clicking the ▶ icon.

    Creative preview on Campaign Management page

    Campaign filtering

    Click the funnel icon in the top left to filter campaigns by name, ID, title, status, operating system, and bid type.

    Campaign filtering functionality on Campaign Management page

    Edit columns

    Customize the metrics you see on your Campaign Management page using the filter icon in the top right.

    Choose from more than 25 metrics (listed below) and drag and drop them in the order you want them to appear. Revenue Metrics and Retention Metrics can also be displayed by cohort.

    To sort your campaigns in ascending or descending order by one of the metrics, simply click on its name at the top of the table.

    Available columns on the Campaign Management page

    Basic Metrics

    • Creation date
    • Bid Type
    • Bid
    • Daily Budget
    • Total Budget
    • Start Date
    • End Date

    Delivery Metrics

    Basic Metrics

    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • Installs
    • Completions
    • Spend

    Calculated Metrics

    • CTR
    • CVR
    • IPM
    • eCPM
    • eCPI
    • Growth Potential

    Revenue Metrics

    • Ad revenue
    • IAP Revenue
    • Total Revenue
    • ARPU
    • ROAS
    • Unique Purchasers
    • Purchaser Rate

    Retention Metrics


    Filter by date

    Click the calendar icon in the top right to view campaign performance within a date range, or automatically filter by matured cohort.

    Filter by date on the Campaign Management page

    CSV bid manager

    Download CSV: Download data for specific campaigns and filter by date range, country, or title.

    CSV Bid Manager

    Upload CSV: Easily apply changes to multiple campaigns at once. Learn how

    SKAdNetwork view

    When the SKAdNetwork view toggle is switched off, you’ll see all campaign data as reported by your attribution provider.

    Switch the SKAdNetwork view toggle on to only see the data for your campaigns on iOS devices, as reported by Apple’s attribution solution.