ROAS optimizer

The ironSource ROAS optimizer is an automated tool that utilizes both in-app purchases (IAP) and impression level revenue (ILR) to optimize campaigns according to return on advertising spend (ROAS) goals. With both in-app revenue and ad revenue, the ROAS optimizer algorithm can automatically calculate and update the optimal bid for each campaign at various granularity levels.

The ROAS optimizer supports three different types of ROAS goals, according to your in-app metrics and LTV modeling:

  • IAP: For developers monetizing only with in-app purchases, supports D7 goals
  • ILR: For developers with a purely ad-based monetization strategy using LevelPlay, supports D1 and D3 goals¬†
  • IAP + ILR: For developers with a mix of in-app purchase and ad revenue using LevelPlay, supports D3 and D7 goals

Learn more about the ROAS optimizer.  To get started, reach out to your account manager.