ROAS optimizer

The ROAS optimizer helps you automatically reach your ideal return on ad spend for your ironSource Network user acquisition campaigns. With both in-app purchase revenue and ad revenue, the ROAS optimizer algorithm automatically maximizes your scale while maintaining your ROAS goals.


This video gives you an overview of how to use the ROAS optimizer. Step-by-step instructions are below.


To activate the ROAS optimizer, reach out to your account manager who will set up the ROAS optimizer according to your campaign goals. 

The ROAS optimizer supports 3 different types of ROAS goals, according to your app’s revenue metrics and LTV model:

  • IAP: Developers monetizing only with in-app purchases should optimize towards a D7 ROAS goal
  • Ad Revenue: Developers with a purely ad-based monetization strategy using Unity LevelPlay should optimize towards a D1 or D3 ROAS goal
  • IAP + Ad Revenue: Developers with a mix of in-app purchase and ad revenue using Unity LevelPlay should optimize towards a D3 or D7 ROAS goal

Once your account manager has set up the first optimizer campaign, let it run for the full number of days you’re optimizing toward (day 1, day 3, or day 7). 

You’ll then be able to:

  1. View your ROAS performance data 
  2. Adjust your ROAS goals

View ROAS performance data

From the left side nav bar, select Promote, then Optimizer. The Optimizer page will show the ROAS performance compared to the ROAS goal.

You’ll see the performance trends of each optimizer campaign you’re running by country—including installs, spend, ROAS, and your current goal. To do this, select a targeted country and an optimized campaign.

If you’re optimizing towards D1 ROAS, look at the Daily view for the best performance representation. For D3 and D7 optimizations, look at the Weekly view to get a better high-level understanding of campaign performance.

How to adjust your ROAS goal

From the left side nav bar, select Campaigns, then Edit in the campaign you want to adjust. This will take you Edit Campaign page where you can update the default ROAS goal or the ROAS goal for a specific country.

On the Edit Campaign page, you’ll see the ROAS goal the campaign is currently optimizing toward. To update the default goal for the entire campaign, simply enter a new goal.

Note:  Update your goal within 10% of your current performance to maximize scale and quality. For example, if your current ROAS is 20%, then the new ROAS goal should be 18-22%


To set a unique ROAS goal for a country, scroll down the Edit Campaign page till you come to Target countries. The country you want to update will be in a country group. Find the country group the country you want to update in, click the action button, and then Edit country group.

Enter the new goals for the country and click Add. This will override the default campaign goal.

Important! Do not activate tier 3 and 4 countries before speaking with your account manager.

Click Submit, and your campaign will update and continue to run based on your new goals. 

Let your updated goals run for the total number of days you’re optimizing towards (day1, day 3, or day 7). Then, analyze the new ROAS performance and adjust your goals to keep perfecting your ROAS strategy.