CSV Bid Manager

The CSV Bid Manager allows you to adjust your pricing by campaign, country, and application based on performance while applying multiple changes at once.

General Flow

  1. Download the statistics of your activity in a specific date range.
  2. Adjust your pricing based on the source’s performance.
  3. Upload your CSV.

Bid Logic

  • The default campaign bid (set through the Campaign Generator) will take place when no specific Country or Country-Application bid was set.
  • The country bid will take place where no specific Country-Application bid was set.
  • Define the Country bid by setting the ‘Application ID’ value to “All”
  • Remove specific bids by setting the ‘Bid’ value to ‘Default’.
  • Bids can be set with a maximum of 2 decimal points.
  • The minimum bid is $0.01.


For the following table:

Campaign ID Country Application ID Bid
123 US All Default
123 US 456 6
123 GB All 3
123 GB 456 Default
  • All applications in the US are priced with the default campaign bid, except for 456 which is priced at $6.
  • All applications in GB (including 456) are priced at $3.Notes


  • If no specific campaigns were selected, we will present only campaigns with at least one install in the selected date range.
  • Only rows with at least one install or a specific bid will be returned in the CSV.
  • The only mandatory fields when uploading a CSV are Campaign ID, Country, Application ID, and Bid.
  • You can upload up to 100,000 rows at a time.
  • ironSource Ads supports up to 350,000 bids per campaign.